Authentic French Macarons , French Pâtisserie


Cuisine from Madagascar

French Patisserie

Double Almond Croissants

Homemade croissants filled with almond cream and topped with crunchy almond macaronade


Authentic handmade Pains au chocolat

Chocolatines amandines

Authentic handmade Pains au chocolat topped with crunchy almonds

Lemon zest Madeleine with Madagascar vanilla beans

Paris-Brest (Filled with Vanilla whipped/Praline/Pistachio cream) or Chouquette

Cannelés de Bordeaux - crispy outside, soft inside

Madagascar vanilla


Almond delights with Orange zest

Brioche Parisienne (Sweet buttery bun)

Galette Frangipane 

Puff pastry filled with orange zest flavoured almond cream 

Pear/Apple Amandine tart, pear/apple infused with vanilla syrup, filled with almond cream

Cranberry & Chocolate chip Scones

Homemade Artisan Vegan French bread


No preservatives, no sugar added & no fat

Cranberry & walnuts wholewheat bread 

Cranberry & orange zest bread 

Black olives bread (with added olive oil)


Sliced Apples & Pumpkin seeds

Fresh Basil or Sundried tomatoes & Thyme Fougasse 

Savory flat bread - vegan

Brioche Parisienne

Sweet Buttery Bun

Gluten Free

Giant Raspberry Macaron

Filled with fresh raspberries and vanilla ganache

French Macarons

Made from scratch filling - choose among Madagascar vanilla, Pistachio, Raspberry, Strawberry, Coffee, Chocolate, Lemon, Salted caramel, Blueberry, Lotus Speculoos, Yuzu, Mogador (Chocolate&Passion fruit), Mango Passion fruit, Lychee

Almond muffin with fresh fruit inserts

Raspberry financier (almond cake)

Almond delights

Fruit desserts

Fruit Yule log

Bûche aux fruits

Pound cake with homemade vanilla whipped cream and fresh fruits


Genoise filled with a mousseline cream and fresh strawberries, topped with a homemade marzipan

Pistachio éclair

Lemon Meringue éclair

Lemon meringue Tartelette

Contains almonds

Fresh fruit - French Tartelette

Contains almonds

Customized Birthday cake

For 10-12 people

Customized Birthday cake

For 10-12 people

Malagasy Cuisine

Indian Ocean style samossas 

All beef, All chicken or veggie

Fried shrimps (served with sweet chili sauce)

Mini-quiches (Béchamel sauce with chicken or tonatoe sauce with beef sausage)

Mofo Sakay (Leeks pattie with ground beef or veggie)

Chicken with olives & mushrooms (savoury) served with rice

Coconut milk chicken served with rice & tomatoe rougail

Hena ritra (simmered beef with carrots & potatoes) served with rice

Fried Wonton (Stuffed with chicken paté)

Romazava akoho sakaytany (traditional Malagasy chicken broth with ginger)

Sweet trays

Baby Blue Macarons or Tiffany Blue Macarons

Baby Pink - Teddy Bear or Kitty Macarons

Panna Cotta verrines-Gluten Free

With Mango Passion Fruit gelée or Berry gelée

Crème Brûlée, flavoured with Madagascar Vanilla - Gluten free