About me

Romy Lai

My name is Romy, owner at Sweet Vanilla.

Born and raised in Madagascar, I had to leave the Island after I graduated high school. Then I spent 10 years in France. I moved in Saint John in 2015 and started a new chapter of my life by starting my family here.

I am today a mom of two little ones and in addition to a full time job as admin at PRUDE Inc, I have invested my time and energy in my small business since its creation in 2019.

Thank you so much Saint John and New Brunswick for your continued support!

Baking is a passion for me. I spent ten years in France before landing in Canada. I am a proud self-taught baker. I learnt a lot over the past few years and being stuck home during Covid times helped a lot :) We have to find something positive from this pandemic right? 

We cannot find a lot of authentic French pastries in Saint John, so if you're looking for some, this is the right place to be :)

Madagascar is my home country. As immigrants, we sometimes miss our homeland cuisine. So we try to do our best to cook them here. We use a lot of aromatic herbs, make our own Scotch Bonnet hot paste and marinated lemon dipping sauce to enhance the taste of our food.